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Spain Excellent Choice for British SIPP Investors

Second homes in favourite holiday destinations such as Spain are likely to be top of the shopping list when the pension rules change April 6th 2006, allowing individuals to invest in residential property through Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs).

Research shows that Spain's mature market makes an excellent choice for SIPP investors, with capital growth still high and forecast to grow at 10% a year for the next five years at least. Year-round sunshine and the high numbers of world-class golf course developments makes 30 weeks or more annual rental a realistic goal, with potential gross yields of 10% plus. This rental income would be immediately reinvested back into the SIPP and used to pay off any mortgage.

Off-plan purchases at discounted rates still offer the best opportunity to maximise profits. It is possible to buy off-plan today and then assign the contract to the pension after the rule changes, as long as the completion date is after April 6th 2006.

SIPP investors will benefit from full UK income tax relief on the purchase price of the property, before going on to collect rental income tax-free in the pension fund. Any profits made from the sale of the property will also be free from UK capital gains tax but may incur Spanish tax - however, there are ways to reduce this to 15% of the gain. What's more, the pension fund will be able to borrow to invest, so buyers will be able to gain access to holiday homes that would have otherwise been out of their reach.

So, for example, if you are a 40 per cent taxpayer, this means that the government will be paying 40 per cent of the price of your house. That's a pretty good deal. Secondly, generally the income and capital gains generated by the property will also be tax free in the UK. That, also is a pretty good deal.

Southern Spain, with its abundance of world-class golf resorts, makes an excellent choice for SIPP investors who are looking to pay off a mortgage with rental income.

Marcel Van Dijk
Spanish Property and Real Estate Spain

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