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Market Reaching its Peak

I do not profess to "Know" what the real estate market will do in the next year or two, but I would like to share some information with you that might help you in making decisions regarding buying or selling property in today's market. The following information relates to the types of mortgages that are currently being taken out by those who are currently purchasing or refinancing homes. Statistical surveys of the mortgage market shows that the percentage of adjustable rate mortgages comprised over 60% of the loans obtained in the last fiscal quarter. Even though the traditional 30 year mortgage is still very low in terms of historical comparison, buyers and homeowners that are currently buying or refinancing are electing to go with the adjustable rate almost two thirds of the time. Does that mean that they expect interest rates to go down even more, or is it because they can no longer afford the fixed interest rate, and believe that obtaining the adjustable rate is better than not buying or refinancing at all?

The real estate values in the previous five years have been largely impacted by interest rate reductions. As mortgage rates have declined, home prices have dramatically increased, with home prices doubling in the last five years. By far, the majority of the loans originated in the last five years were 30 year fixed rate loans. Within the last 12 months, that has dramatically changed.

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