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What is a Loft Apartment?

What is a loft apartment? At the most basic level a loft apartment differs from a regular apartment because of the open layout. Lofts are open floor plans with few if any walls separating the living, dining, living and sleeping areas. The open floor plan of a loft gives it a stylish look that many residents enjoy.

In general loft apartments are older buildings that were once commercial properties. In the last 5-10 years many historic and industrial buildings that were once vacant, have now been converted into upscale loft apartments. The development of loft apartments has been a boost to local economies, revitalized downtown areas, and brought new life to historic districts.

Lofts are normally 4 to 12 story buildings, with sometimes higher than average ceilings. Large windows are often a feature of lofts and the interiors are designed to provide the occupants maximum access to exterior light.

Interior layout and design are usually a important key feature of loft apartments. Many lofts have hardwood floors, natural brick walls and exposed ceiling beams. Particular attention is also paid to hardware details such as fixtures and lighting.

Many loft apartments are located near business, nightlife and entertainment areas. Because of the urban locations loft apartments are often favored by young professionals and business people. The luxury of loft apartments also appeals to the style conscious and art enthusiasts.

In New York City there are many lofts in the Soho, Tribeca and Chelsea districts. Some lofts especially in arts districts have tenancy regulations such as status as a full-time artist. There are also many loft apartments of other major US Cities, such as Chicago, St. Louis, Houston and Dallas.

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